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Positive Energy Productions realizes that your wedding is one of the most important events in your life. We will play an enormous role in making this celebration a success and will go out of our way to ensure your event is flawless and worry free from start to finish. When you are thinking about your wedding, what is the one factor that can make or break this event? You might be surprised to know that when asked, 81% of guests say the one thing they remember most about the event is... the music and wedding entertainment! This high level of importance should always be kept in mind when selecting your disc jockey.

Surely you'll agree, if a DJ is solid, then the whole event produces a feeling of positive energy. A skilled professional MC and DJ can capture everything from pristine elegance to raw party moods throughout the course of a performance. We fully understand the true impact a quality wedding DJ and MC will play in the successful outcome of this event and always strive to provide the best San Diego wedding DJ entertainment available.

A Positive Energy DJ is not your "average DJ"... We are not interested in creating "cookie cutter" weddings. Creativity and individuality are prime aspects of our program. During your free personal consultation we will assist you in choosing the perfect wedding music arrangements, selecting appropriate announcements, and planning your schedule of events. We are able to offer many suggestions and unique ideas that can be customized to fit your personality or your own personal style. The most important point is that we are flexible and always listen to you.

Whether you select to have a formal or informal reception, traditional or contemporary, Positive Energy Productions has over 19 years of San Diego wedding DJ experience to make it truly perfect. We believe that a successful wedding should include both an atmosphere of elegance and an exciting energetic party all at the same time. We will do many things that are not considered part of the "DJ's job" to make sure everything flows smoothly and to make sure you and your guests have the best time possible. From the grand entrance right through to the very last dance, your wedding will be a party to remember. Together we can produce Positive Energy filled with memories that you and your guests will cherish for years to come!